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Card to plant - Small cocoon

Card to plant - Small cocoon

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This plantable collection will appeal to people concerned about the environment thanks to its seeded cardboard handmade in Canada. In addition to receiving your wishes, the recipient will be able to plant the card and grow pretty wildflowers. A great way to stand out while being eco-responsible!

An eco-responsible plantable collection

  • Greeting card made from seeded cardboard (wildflowers), produced in Canada
  • Made from post-consumer recycled materials
  • Zero waste
  • Biodegradable transparent bag made from corn, produced in Canada
  • Envelope made from 100% recycled kraft paper, self-adhesive strip included
  • Recycled cardboard box, 100% recyclable
  • Graphic design and illustrations made by Quebec designers
  • An ethical and ecological choice!

What flowers are in the box?

Laurentian primrose | The Clarkie | the bristly rudbeckia | The maritime alysson | The perennial daisy | The Silenus | The snapdragon

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